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Sustainable Comfort

Firing in a clean-burning stove from Jøtul is perhaps the most cosy environmental initiative you can do. With products made from recycled cast iron and world-class Clean burn Technology, you can relax in front of your environmentally friendly wood stove with a clear conscience. "Hygge" today, and "hygge" for the future.

Mother and son in the living room with wood stove Jøtul F 373 Advance

Make a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice with Jøtul


How to fire environmentally friendly

Join and make a difference

Sustainability means, among other things, that we must take future generations into account when we as consumers buy goods and services. Climate change is described as one of the greatest challenges of our time. As individuals, we can influence greenhouse gas emissions, and small measures such as replacing wood stoves, fireplaces and fireplace inserts can make a big difference.

Jøtul F 373 Advance - A design icon in wood burning stoves


  • Winner of "Red Dot Design Award: best of the best"
  • An air vent that ensures easy use and clean glass
  • Large glass surfaces in front and on the sides that gives a good view of the flames

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Did you know
Man using his Jøtul wood stoves


Environmentally aware with Clean burn Technology

Thanks to a continuous focus on research, development and testing, Jøtul is now a world-leader within Clean burn Technology. But why is it so important to be ‘best in class’ regarding clean burn wood stoves, fireplaces and fireplace inserts? Well, first and foremost, it is a question of improving the climate, by reducing airborne dust to a minimum. This is followed by saving consumers money, because Clean burn Technology gives you more heat per log.


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Rene Christensen

It is our corporate social responsibility to contribute to a healthier climate and the green switch. As more and more people are looking to make their choices based on the environment and sustainability, we want to make their choice easy by offering environmentally friendly products, manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

René Christensen, Jøtul’s Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing

Jøtul F 400 ECO - powerful and large cast iron stove


  • One of our most clean-burning wood stoves
  • Easy operation with only one air vent
  • The wood stove is characterized by a pattern that shows a section of the Norwegian coast
  • Great view to the flames


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Man recycling Jøtul products

Recirculated heat from Jøtul

Reuse, recirculation, circular economy, climate impact and sustainability. These are core values which are deeply entrenched in our philosophy and set the agenda for the way in which Jøtul is managed today and how we are preparing for the future. It makes it easy for the consumer to make environmentally friendly choices when they invest in a new wood stove or fireplace.


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