Can a Wood Stove Add Value

Can a Wood Stove Add Value to Your Home?

Here are just some of the ways wood stoves can add significant value to your property.

The value of a house will change throughout the life of any property, but homeowners can add attractive additions with home improvements which can potentially add to their property’s equity. Certain aspects of a house can increase its value and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Although many can change due to trends in the market, certain features have always remained appealing to potential buyers. A homeowner can always count on updated bathrooms and kitchens to increase value, but wood stoves have now earnt their place as well. If you are a sceptics, here are just some of the ways wood stoves can add significant value to your property.

Green Options

Today our priorities have changed, we want more from our heating systems than functionality alone. One such priority is a home that is more environmentally friendly and conscious. Green technology is much more than a trend, it’s a must and more customers than ever before are becoming aware of the negative impact running our homes energy can have on the planet and its resources. The clean burn technology of wood stoves and the benefits of wood burning correctly seasoned and dried wood fuel has in recent years gained momentum with increasing support from the green energy conscious community, all now recognising the true value of the EcoDesign Ready stoves which embrace the UK’s Clean Air Act.


When buying a new home, we want to be confident that the features within it are going to last. Wood burning stoves are much more than a piece of furniture or appliance, they are specifically built to last for many years and often last for the lifetime of the home, with very little maintenance required. Often handcrafted using the most durable materials like cast iron ensures the stoves parts will not deform even after many years of use and, should they need changing, are simple to replace.

Alternative Heating Source

Even if a homeowner or potential homeowner is not sold on the green home concept, they will value utilising wood stoves as an alternative heating source. Wood burning stoves make for a stylish additional as well as an exceptional heating resource and reliable alternative when perhaps a primary heating source such as central heating breaks down. If your central heating breaks down during winter, wood burning stove owners have the comfort of knowing that their family will never have to contend with lack of heat.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance required on a standard central heating system and boiler can be astronomical. There are many parts that can go wrong or need replacing, as well as labour costs for servicing and many other discontinued issues which are not covered under a standard warranty meaning out of pocket costs can mount up quickly. Owning a wood burning stove involves very little upkeep; a standard stove generally only requires an annual inspection and cleaning to remove creosote and other build-up, it is also advisable to check for proper ventilation which is essential to your stove performing optimally.


Although most wood burning stove owners choose to purchase the wood they use, some live in areas where they can chop firewood for themselves. Wood burning stoves are among the most economical heating options on the market today and, even those that purchase wood find it far more inexpensive than standard heating options. A wood stove owner looking to maximise the potential of their stove by cutting their own wood needs only an available place to cut and an area fit to dry the wood for proper use. Make sure to check out our blog on how to dry wood properly here

A wood burning stove is not just a beautiful piece of furniture for a home but can provide an additional part of its value. Homeowners and potential homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to increase value and a wood burning stove achieves just that.