Design your own fireplace with the Jøtul I 620 FR fireplace insert

Let’s hear from a family who did just that. The old fireplace that offered no real view of the flames was replaced with an efficient fireplace insert that the family designed themselves and that radiates more heat and provides an impressive view of the beautiful fire.

Before photo of the “old fireplace
Before photo of the "Darth Vader" fireplace

Large family that loves fireside warmth and comfort

Wife and husband, Karoline and Carl Daniel, and their five daughters (2 to 12 years old) live in a house in Stavanger, Norway. Karoline is the owner of the Instagram profile @karroogcarrydesign, where you’ll find interior design tips and beautiful photos of home interiors.
The family of seven loves spending cosy evenings by the fireside during the late autumn and winter months. They decided to get rid of the fireplace that they had nicknamed “Darth Vader” and replace it with a new one that would generate more heat and provide an unrestricted view of the flames. The project of installing a new fireplace got under way!

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Great teamwork for the renovation project

Karoline is a qualified interior designer and Carl Daniel is a carpenter. What a dream team they are together - perfect for renovation projects! The dream team has now renovated their entire house with a close eye to smart, functional solutions that make day-to-day life easier. Take a look at the amazing transformation they brought to their home on Instagram at @karroogcarrydesign.

This has been their home since 2016. They have completely altered the layout of the first and second floors, given the house a more contemporary look and renovated all surfaces. These projects kept them busy for several years, but once they were completed it was time to do something about the fireplace.

The original fireplace dominated the living room where every square metre is precious. We have a large family and our house is not very big, so we need to utilise all the space as best we can.

Karoline Omlie

Karoline also explains that the old stove didn’t particularly give off much heat, was tricky to light, quickly became sooty and offered a poor view of the fire.

“We’d been dreaming of a new, more modern fireplace for our home as our girls love it when we have a fire. It creates a cosy hygge feeling in the home,” Karoline goes on to say.

View the impressive transformation!

As a qualified interior designer, Karoline has a good eye for how the newly renovated living space would look with a new fireplace. After receiving excellent help from their local Jøtul dealer they decided on the Jøtul I 620 FR - a large fireplace insert with glass on two sides, perfect for a corner. An insert also offers options for custom designing your own fireplace. There is a range of sizes and colours to choose from, multiple log storage options and the insert can have glass on one or more sides.

We think the design Karoline chose looks perfect in their living room. It makes better use of the space and the insert with its large glass panes is ideally positioned to give an excellent view of the fire from the sofa in the corner.

Before and after photos of the living room, with the new Jøtul I 620 FR fireplace insert
Before and after photos of the living room, with the new Jøtul I 620 FR fireplace insert
Photos of Karoline's living room with the new fireplace insert Jøtul I 620 FR

Why they chose the Norwegian fireplace insert from Jøtul

Karoline tells us there has always been a Jøtul fireplace in her home while growing up and she also greatly appreciates that Jøtul is Norwegian. So when it came to looking for a new fireplace, the choice was easy.

Did you know that?
Norwegian cultural heritage and tradition are core elements of what Jøtul stands for. We therefore always engage Norwegian designers when we’re developing new products.

Karoline sitting on the sofa with her cat in front of the Jøtul I 620 FR fireplace insert

Jøtul I 620 FR - a large fireplace insert with a clear view of the flames

A large, practical and user-friendly cast iron fireplace insert. The two glass panes make it perfect for a corner and provide the ultimate view of the fire within. The white vermiculite burn plates have an attractive and airy appearance which produces a beautiful flame effect. Although it is large, this fireplace insert is designed to provide optimal combustion at low output. It also features a log retainer in the burn chamber and a snap-lock door for safe fireplace use.

Jøtul I 620 FR - easy to use and heats like a dream!

“The fireplace is easy to light, the logs last for ages and the glass hardly ever gets sooty so the flames are perfectly visible,” Karoline tells us.

We know that many find it difficult to get a fire going, so we gave Karoline and Carl Daniel good advice on how to use the fireplace, some wood burning tips and taught them the top-down method of lighting a fire.

Karoline also says that occasionally the fireplace produces a “bit too much heat”, but that they’ve learned to use the air vent adjustment on the fireplace and now have better control of the heat.

Do you know how to get a fire going in the fireplace?

Watch our video and learn how to light and use the Jøtul I 620 FR fireplace insert - so you get a fire started easily every time!

The heat from a fireplace is particularly welcome when the cost of electricity is high

With electricity prices now going through the roof, fireplaces can help keep heating costs down. They are also a useful backup in the winter in the event of a power outage. A wood burner always works - even when the power is out.

“We’re very thankful to have a fireplace now that electricity prices are so high. It is a worthwhile, long-term investment that also adds to the charm of the house,” Karoline says.

The first thing I think of when I hear the word fireplace is “Jøtul”.

Karoline Omlie

Would you like your home to have a Jøtul I 620 FR?

Your local dealer will be pleased to help make your fireplace dream come true! Whether you’ve decided on a Jøtul I 620 FR fireplace insert or another insert, our dealers will help you find the perfect solution for you and your home.